January Project Life….done!….. (pretty much)


Hi Everyone! I thought I would share how my first month of Project Life turned out for me.  I've learned a lot this month, tried somethings that worked and didn't work, had some pages that came together nicely and some that I'm still not sure I will keep.  My pictures got a little better through the month, but I am still playing with my camera and  its settings.  Most of the products I used are from the Stampin' Up project life collection, but I also used products that I ... [ Read More ]

Hey Y’all


How have you all been?  I'm not doing too well on blogging more often am I.  Man, keeping goals is hard!  So what have I been doing since January 16?  Seriously the last time I blogged was January 16?  Man I really need to do better. Well let's see, I've been doing okay with running.  Except last Wednesday I had that "maybe I shouldn't run because I am winded from going up the stairs to get my running gear on," thought, but sometimes I ignore those voices in my head because sometimes, I think ... [ Read More ]

Learning to take better pictures


So I haven't taken too many pictures over the last few years.  I have a big ol' expensive camera and lenses but my pictures turn out like ..... crap ...  I just figured I might as well just take crappy pictures with my iPhone rather than lug around this big camera and get the same crappy result. Well I'm tired of having "crappy memories" so in order to have "good memories"  I need good pictures.  That's my reasoning anyway... So, a new goal I made for myself this year is to take more ... [ Read More ]

Project Life Is Underway!


Wow, It's been a week since I last logged on?  I really wanted to do better than that! I've started organizing my photos and placing them in the pockets.  My Stampin' up supplies also arrived last Friday so I've been anxious to dig in and start using them. I am very happy with how my title page turned out. I just went simple.  I put glitter on my family letters, stamped 2015 and voila done like dinner. I've been having a hard time getting inspired.  So although I haven't ... [ Read More ]

Checking My Ego At The Door

nice day

Happy Wednesday Everyone, Kids are back in school and life is good! But really, I do miss them, but I also missed "me"  time. I like having a little structure, I like having a break from structure but I also welcome it back when it's time. Anyway its Wednesday and so far I've maintained my workout schedule I set for myself. I "ran" Monday and Today and went to Centergy on Tuesday.  Three day winning streak!!! Go me! With running I've had to check my ego at the door a little. I've ... [ Read More ]