Running Towards Balance

I find it funny that the “mission statement” to my blog was called “running towards balance”. The reason I think that it is funny because on my quest to become balanced, I became totally unbalanced.  It seems for the past two years I have been on a downward spiral towards unbalance-ness.  If I look back [Read On]


I Love……

Nachos, Potatoes, and Coffee and I am so done feeling guilty about doing things that make me feel good.  Am I the only woman that feels guilt over EVERYTHING? I have loved Nachos since the beginning of time, I have loved Nachos before loving my husband and kids.  Me and Nachos… we go way back. [Read On]

Defiantly not a good nights sleep

Trying to decide

If I should take the dog out for a walk/run   or procrastinate, do laundry, tidy up…. (but really watch the hockey game).  They are playing Latvia… I didn’t know Latvia had a team, it should be a shoe-in but I don’t want to jinx it.  So since we last talked, our furnace has been [Read On]

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