December Daily: Days 15, 16 & 17

House is all decorated

Hey everyone, I'm updating with three pages today.  The last couple of nights we had the kids Christmas concerts at school, so the evening have been a little hectic. I've also been trying to cross things off my list so when the kids are done school we can just relax and enjoy. I'm kinda getting to the point that I just want this to be over and done with already.  I like routine and a schedule and it seems everything is out the window, were eating terrible and on the run, I've ... [ Read More ]

December Daily: day 14… You won’t hear me bragging about my kids on social media…

I'm totally posing in this picture

... Okay, maybe sometimes but not this time. Good morning. I'm posting day 14. As much as I would like to paint a picture of a merry household full of joy and laughter that's just not how it is when we do gingerbread.... We have a family tradition of decorating gingerbread. I have been doing this since I was a kids, and now I do it with my kids. We do traditions because we believe it creates wonderful memories for our kids.  Well I believe I am creating memories for my kids.... ... [ Read More ]

December Daily: day thirteen

Banner of day thirteen

Good morning... I finally have day thirteen up, I know today is the 16th. All I ask is you cut me a little slack, I've got 4 kids. Yesterday, Britain was "sick" so that's always fun.... I say "sick" because she had a headache Sunday, and I believe milked it a little more to say home Monday. She was running around talking my ear off and drawing pictures and doing crafts soooooo ya... you make the call. Anyway here is my day 13 spread. I thought I would mention, to ensure I get through ... [ Read More ]

December Daily: day twelve continued

December Daily: day twelve

Day Twelve was B's dance recital. It was a fun evening! She was so cute. You can read all about it in my journaling. I'm really glad I decided to do this. I have moments when I feel like I've lost my scrapbook touch, my pages are too simple to feature on a blog, but then I realize the real reason I'm doing this. To document our journey and because when the kids are older and look back on these pages I've done.... for them..... It will bring back all these memories, and that's really what ... [ Read More ]

December Daily : day twelve

dancers blurred

This year I decided to jump on board and do a December Daily album. I'm usually a Scrooge when it comes to this season, the stress gets to me, the social expectations, the crazy shoppers, the guilt of doing too much or not enough, the enormous amount of money that gets spent. It all just gets a little much for me and I often get burned out and stressed out to the point I don't enjoy myself at all. This year I thought maybe that if I focused on the tiny joys around me, I would be able to see the ... [ Read More ]